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Ms. Holder

Hello my name is Mrs. Lorie Holder and I love my job as a middle school counselor. I received my Bachelor of Education from the University of Toledo in 1989 and a Master of Education majoring in counseling from Bowling Green State University in 1993. I have been working in the capacity of middle school counselor since then. I find my job to be very rewarding. Preteens are full of enthusiasm, energy, and a zest for learning that lifts my spirits. My job varies from day to day. I teach guidance lessons within the classroom on the topics of bullying prevention, study skills, and careers. I also see a variety of children in my office assisting them with personal, academic, and social problems. My mission in life is to help students grow into the best person that they can become.

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Ms. Setlock

I love being a school counselor.  I think that the middle school years are very profound for students. They learn so much about themselves while navigating middle school, making new friends, gaining autonomy from parents, all the while growing physically, emotionally, and intellectually. It is very enjoyable for me to meet them at the end of their 5th grade year and watch them grow and change until they are ready to leave Brownstown Middle School at the end of their 7th grade year. My role allows me to have all sorts of experiences with my students. Some experiences are serious, some are fun, some are insightful, and some are sad. No matter what the experience, I love helping them grow and learn about themselves.
I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Michigan-Dearborn and my Master of Education with a Major in Counseling from Wayne State University. I have been a school counselor since 2004.

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Mrs. Ruehle

Hi, I am Mrs. Ruehle. I am the Student Advocate in the counseling office. I love working with the students and helping them succeed in school and in life. I have worked for the district for over 10 years in different positions, but BMS is my favorite place to be.

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BMS Counseling Mission Statement...

Our mission as Brownstown Middle School Counselors is to advocate for all students and provide a comprehensive program that will assist them in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become effective students, responsible community members, productive workers and lifelong learners. School counselors are an integral part of the school community who address the personal/social, academic and career needs of all students. School counselors collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, and families to deliver a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. Counselors are able to reach ALL students by using the Michigan Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program (MCGCP).

The Michigan Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program (MCGCP) is delivered to students through the four main components:

  • Guidance Curriculum

  • Individual Student Planning

  • Responsive Services

  • Systems Support

All activities included in a school counseling program fit into one of the four components of the delivery system.

• The Guidance Curriculum component provides a vehicle to systematically deliver knowledge and skills to every student through classroom guidance lessons which address standards of personal/social, academic, and career exploration. 

• The Individual Student Planning component provides school counselors the opportunity to work closely with all students and their parents/guardians to plan, monitor, and understand the academic growth and development of the student.

• The Responsive Services component responds to students direct, immediate concerns and includes, but is not limited to, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling, referrals, and consultation with parents or guardians, teachers, or other professional specialists.

• The Systems Support component enables the school counseling program to be effective through a variety of support activities including professional development, consultation, collaboration and teaming, and program management and operations.

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